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      It is our pleasure to have you stop in.  Silverthorn Enterprizes has over 20 years of shared computer experience, with Tom Silverthorn and Meredith Clark on board, ready to be applied to your venture.

         Throughout the past 20 yrs. we have seen the computer developed from a simple tool for record keeping, notes, and letters, to becoming a vital part of almost every aspect of todays life.  Today with the growth of the internet, the information at our finger tips increases exponentially, placing the worlds library before us.

    Because of the growth in the computer industry, we do recognize the necessity of the care to keep our skills up to date. This means that we must be continually brushing up on the skills we already have in order to maintain a properly effective web site for you.

    At S.E. we work to create a web site that will fit you and your products, like a glove.  Be sure to explore all services available. SE is here to serve you and your needs, so give us a call and let us know how we may assist you.

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